Big Run

This data is based on users and differs significantly from overall game statistics.

Multiple Sites (Jun 7, 2024)

Water Level and Events

UsersAverageStd DevGold
Top 5%
Top 20%
Top 50%
stat.inkInkling 809Golden Eggs 148.0831.76Golden Eggs 203Golden Eggs 172Golden Eggs 147
Empirical Estimates-Golden Eggs 103.61(36.10)(Golden Eggs 163)(Golden Eggs 134)(Golden Eggs 103)

Empirical Estimates: This is a wild guess based on past results and posts. Just scaled for easy contrast, the Y-axis value does not directly indicate the number of people. The data contains a large error margins. This data is basically not informative. (μ=103.61, σ=36.10)