Big Run

This data is based on users and differs significantly from overall game statistics.

Um'ami Ruins (Sep 1, 2023)

Water Level and Events

UsersAverageStd DevGold
Top 5%
Top 20%
Top 50%
stat.inkInkling 1,109Golden Eggs 132.4832.75Golden Eggs 182Golden Eggs 160Golden Eggs 133
Official Results---Golden Eggs 156Golden Eggs 131Golden Eggs 102
Empirical Estimates-Golden Eggs 105.90(28.63)(Golden Eggs 153)(Golden Eggs 130)(Golden Eggs 105)

Overall Estimates: The estimated distribution of the overall game, as estimated from the official results. Just scaled for easy contrast, the Y-axis value does not directly indicate the number of people. (μ=102.50, σ=32.83)