★tia's Battle Stats (Tower Control)


Winning Percentage

Excluded: Private Battles


Excluded: Private Battles


Ancho-V Games

Arowana Mall

Blackbelly Skatepark

Camp Triggerfish

Goby Arena

Humpback Pump Track

Inkblot Art Academy

Kelp Dome


Manta Maria

Moray Towers

Musselforge Fitness

New Albacore Hotel

Piranha Pit

Port Mackerel

Shellendorf Institute

Skipper Pavilion

Snapper Canal

Starfish Mainstage

Sturgeon Shipyard

The Reef

Wahoo World

Walleye Warehouse

Shifty Station

Shifty: Wayslide Cool

Shifty: The Secret of S.P.L.A.T.

Shifty: Goosponge

Shifty: Windmill House on the Pearlie

Shifty: Fancy Spew

Shifty: Zone of Glass

Shifty: Cannon Fire Pearl

Shifty: The Bunker Games

Shifty: Grapplink Girl

Shifty: Zappy Longshocking

Shifty: A Swiftly Tilting Balance

Shifty: Sweet Valley Tentacles

Shifty: The Switches

Shifty: The Bouncey Twins

Shifty: Railway Chillin'

Shifty: Gusher Towns

Shifty: The Maze Dasher

Shifty: Flooders in the Attic

Shifty: The Splat in Our Zones

Shifty: The Ink is Spreading

Shifty: Bridge to Tentaswitchia

Shifty: The Chronicles of Rolonium

Shifty: Furler in the Ashes

Shifty: MC.Princess Diaries