Getting Started

This website collects your Splatoon logs, and analyzes them.

This document is outdated.
To import Splatoon 3 data from SplatNet 3, use s3s or s3si.ts.

How do I make my Splat Log?

There are two ways to make your Splatoon play log. The first option is having a program like Ikalog do it automatically, and the another option is entering the data manually.

Automatic Mode (Recommended)

Use a Splatoon data collection program, such as IkaLog, to analyze your gameplay.

IkaLog analyzes your gameplay by monitoring the video output from Wii U console. The diagram below describes how it all works:

If the application is set up correctly, all of your Splatoon gameplay will be analyzed, and helpful data will be submitted to your account automatically. You can benefit from all of's features in this case.

If you don't already have an HDMI capture card, like an AverMedia or Elgato, you will need to get one.

  • Some HDMI capture devices (e.g. AverMedia AVT-C875 and Intensity Shuttle) have a built in HDMI splitter. In this case, you won't need to buy a splitter separately. Otherwise, you will need a splitter so you can connect the Wii U's output to both your TV and the capture device.
  • 720p must be supported by the capture device.
  • IkaLog doesn't work with some HDMI captures device, due to compatibility issues (e.g. inaccurate/poor image quality or incompatible driver software). It is strongly suggested to check the "reported HDMI devices" list on the IkaLog wiki if you are going to buy one. Elgato capture cards will not work directly with IkaLog, so if you have one, you'll have to use the screen capture method.

List of data collection software that work with automatically:

Manual Mode

You can also submit your battle results from applications such as "IkaRec."

It's quite simple; you can input the battle results manually. Since you have oly a few seconds to view the scoreboard, you are able to fill a few details about the match (e.g. stage, mode, your weapon, and win/defeat).

List of data collection software work with in manual mode:

Okay, now how do I use it?

Using IkaLog

SquidBoards has good documentation. Check it out:
How to set up IkaLog and for battle result tracking!

The IkaLog GitHub wiki also has instructions for setting IkaLog up with

You will need to configure IkaLog with your video capture device. Refer to the IkaLog documentation for instructions on how to do so.

  1. Register an account on If you're already registed, log in to your account.
  2. Open "Your Name" → "Settings" in menu bar.
  3. Show your API Key by clicking eye icon. API Key will be something like ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789abcdefg.
    The API Key is like a password for you. Never share the key with anyone!
    If you have to take a screenshot of this page for any reason, remove your API Key or cover it with a rectangle in an image editor.
  4. Open WinIkaLog application, click "Configure" button, and select "" tab.
  5. Copy and Paste your API Key into the API Key field in IkaLog window.
  6. Check the "☑ Submit to" checkbox.
  7. Click the "Apply" button to reflect the settings.

Once the configuration is done, your battle results will be submitted to automatically.

Using IkaRec

The English version of IkaRec can be found here.

Please see this reddit post for more information regarding how to use the app.

For software developers provides an API to the public. You can design your own software if you want.

You can use your application yourself, but others might find it useful too, so consider sharing.

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